Brain Development

  • Yoga facilitates all kinds of movement, including cross-lateral movement, which is crucial for learning. Cross-lateral movements are those in which arms and legs cross over the mid line of the body. Crossing this mid line forces both sides of the brain to communicate, enhancing brain development.
  • Yoga enhances community focus, concentration, comprehension, and memory.
  • A growing amount of mind-body research shows that when children learn yoga, they become more present, empowered to manage their emotions, and more content and successful in school and in life.

Builds confidence improves health and wellness


  • With regular practice, children's muscles, bones and joints will lengthen and strengthen as their overall flexibility is improved.
  • In addition, all of children's major bodily systems are supported by movement and impro0ved circulation, including the digestive, endocrine, immune, and respiratory systems.
  • Yoga strengthens you child's entire body!


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